Seller Information

ACS is a Buyer-seated marketplace designed especially for the group tour, F.I.T. and specialty travel industry. The marketplace is developed and organized to provide a selling environment for private and public sector tourism operators to:

  • Showcase their products to tour operators (group tour, F.I.T. and specialty travel) with a clear objective to sell product onsite and build relationships for future sales.
  • Meet with key tour operators at a reasonable cost.
  • Participate in educational sessions relative to the activity of ACS which informs, motivates and encourages professional development and travel trade market readiness.

If you would like to be considered as a Seller participant for the 2019 Atlantic Canada Showcase, please first take a moment and review the Seller Criteria below. Please note there are a limited number of seats available and all applications may not be accepted.

Seller Criteria

  • All sellers will be qualified based on information provided on their registration and profile form, while adhering to the Buyer/Seller ratio of two sellers for every one buyer registered.
  • Seller organizations must be currently targeting and/or doing business with tour operators. Priority will be given to those who have made previous investments in marketing to this segment.
  • Sellers agree to indicate, through a confidential survey issued periodically, the level of product sales attributed to their participation in ACS.
  • New sellers must participate in an orientation session and any educational sessions offered during ACS.
  • Sellers who do business in two or more provinces qualify for inclusion in the regional category.
  • Sellers must have a proven ability in the travel trade sector. Reference letters from tour operator clients may be required to approve a new seller registration.
  • Attractions must have on-site tour guides and/or a group services coordinator available.
  • Destination marketing organizations representing industry partners must adhere to the above guidelines and be able to provide appropriate information pertinent to the tour industry, i.e., permit regulations, taxes, licensing, etc.
  • The Provinces and Tourism Industry Associations reserve the right to review an individual organization’s participation.
  • All sellers must adhere to the rules and regulations of ACS.
  • Sellers must meet the provincial criteria of their home province and be based in one of the four Atlantic Provinces, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.

Export Ready Guidelines
Atlantic Canada Showcase provides Atlantic Canadian tourism operators with the following export ready guidelines. Please note that meeting all criteria does not confirm participation at ACS.

  • The seller must be in operation for at least one year with a history of providing professional services.
  • The seller must carry adequate liability insurance.
  • The seller’s business must possess and maintain valid licenses, permits and all other regulatory requirements to operate.
  • The seller must be able to accept reservations and deal with inquiries and have the ability to communicate and receive messages from customers by telephone, email and an online presence; and at a minimum, accept credit and/or debit card payment and respond to inquiries on a daily basis  on a year-round basis.The seller must be able to provide confirmation of booking arrangements within 24 hours.

Seller Pricing
If working with tour operators the seller should be willing to provide contracted wholesale rates. Suggested rates are as follows:

  • 15% off the retail price for day activities and transportation
  • 20-30% off retail pricing for accommodations
  • Contracted wholesale rates and conditions must be honoured and sellers must refrain from raising prices and changing conditions before the expiry of the agreement. The seller should have a solid understanding of the laws that affect/impact their clients in each market.
  • It is the responsibility of the seller to set up billing arrangements with the operator, agency or receptive tour operator.
  • Invoicing operator for payment to be remitted within 30 days is the standard. It is not feasible for an international operator to provide separate deposits and/or payment for each booking.

Seller Information

The registration fee for Sellers is $800 plus HST (currently 15%), this includes business sessions, all ACS hosted meals, functions, and scheduled meetings with Buyers.  An organization can send two delegates; however, only one set of appointments per organization will be provided.  Fees for a Second Seller delegate are $400 plus HST and includes business sessions, all ACS hosted meals, and functions. Maximum number of delegates per seller company is two.

Cancellation Policy
Refunds will be issued minus a $100 administrative fee per delegate until July 12, 2019. After that date, no refunds will be issued.