First Time Sellers

Indicate you are a first time seller during the registration process and you will be matched with a buddy. Your buddy will be well versed in ACS and able to provide you helpful hints prior to the event including but not limited to; how to request appointments, how best to research buyers, how to prepare for appointments and what to bring.

There will be onsite Orientation Sessions on Sunday, October 6, for any sellers or buyers who would like to meet with a veteran to ask questions, tour the marketplace floor and the convention facility.  Schedule will be posted one month prior to ACS. 

Registration is by invitation only, and requires a username and password to register.

Usernames and passwords will be sent on March 18, 2019 to all pre qualified sellers. 

If you don’t receive a username and password you can complete the form on this page to request one.   Please note all sellers must meet the criteria.    

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